Les Vignes du Marje

Les Vignes Du Marje is a product of a long dream that has finally become a reality… The first of its generation and the first of the deep Southern lands, we are proud to introduce a different taste and concept from the land of stones, the heart of gold, and the meadow of springs, Marjeyoun.
Located in the South of Lebanon, Marjeyoun is a town of warm and temperate climates. Since the winter months are rather rainy, and the summer months are warm, we are left with an ideal climate for the growth and development of our grapevines.
With the fertile vineyards of Jdeidet Marjeyoun, watered by the Litany River, we bring to you our four wines: Le Vin Du Marje (Rouge, Blanc, & Rose) and our Red Chateau Couvent De M.

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