Chateau Fakra

Château Fakra , situated in Kfardebian valley in Kesrouan, Mount Lebanon, is one of Lebanon’s most popular producers and named after the Roman temples of Fakra in Kesrouan Mountains, where, in ancient times, wines were dedicated to the Gods of Wine and Love; to Dionysos (Bacchus) and Astarte (Venus).
Château Fakra came to add an innovative approach to a millenary wine industry. Upon his return from Argentina, in 1982, the owner, Dr. Carlos Guillermo Adem expanded his hobby towards the wine industry by creating Château Fakra that entered the wine market with high standards and an astonishing outcome. Splendid vineyards, with ideal terroir conditions, the combination of the soils of fertile Bekaa Valley and Mount Lebanon, a professional viti-oeno follow up and oak aging gave birth to a collection of premium Lebanese wines.
Château Fakra increased its international brand awareness by participating in worldwide contests that crowned our selection with more than one hundred medals and awards confirming the excellency of our wines.

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