Cave Kouroum

We at Cave Kouroum are earnestly dedicated to achieving excellence and sustaining commitment in the application of quality to make superb wine and to provide a special place for passionate wine drinkers to build their wine knowledge and appreciation. Our philosophy is simple: ripe grapes, gentle handling and attention to detail, timely intervention, and thoughtful blending.

A blend of traditional methods and new techniques are used to achieve such harmony within the wines, bringing out their natural qualities to the fore. All are expertly combined to offer an exceptional wine to various consumer preferences from the unique Lebanese soil.

Like a modern day cathedral in the heritage of Kefraya village and nestled on the western slope of the Barouk Mountain, Cave Kouroum overlooks the valley, with its majestic modern architecture. The result is an impressive building tied together at different levels in a play of natural light and shadow aesthetics. The upper part of the building has a large and elegant patio with a tasting room for visitors, whereas the totality of the lower part is devoted to vinification and the ageing of wine. Covering an area of 7500m2 the ultra modern winery has an annual capacity of 4 million litres.

Our state of the art winery is deemed to be one of the most modern vinification facilities in the region, featuring the latest technologies and gaining a reputation for growing high quality grapes and producing world-class wine.

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